Getting Started

Beginner Resources

The Official WordPress project beginner resources can be found here

We always recommend WP Beginner to new people, as they have a good ‘getting started’ series.

Many of the products they recommend generate them affiliate revenue, so you probably don’t need a lot of the paid stuff they mentioned.

Past Presentations

Some of the past presentations can be found on

WordCamp Presentations

WordCamps are the WP Community’s versions of a conference, except better in every way. Best of all, all of the talks recorded at WordCamps are made available to everyone, free of charge.

Free Starter Themes

There is a bewildering array of themes to choose from these days, finding the right one can be really hard, especially as a beginner.

If you’re building a website from scratch, or doing a rebuild of an existing one, the current recommendation it to choose a theme with great support for the new Block Editor (often called Gutenberg).

Here are a few completely free themes that have been tested by WP Adelaide members and are known to be high quality. In some cases there is a ‘companion plugin’ by the same author, which adds more blocks to the block editor.

Atomic Blocks

Theme + WordPress Plugin

This is a great combo, with solid code and some really neat blocks. It has a very modern style.

You can find some great documentation for the theme and some more demos at the website

Go + CoBlocks

Theme + WordPress Plugin

The Go theme is created by GoDaddy, and works great with the CoBlocks Plugin to add more blocks, all of which are styled by the Go Theme out of the box.

This theme has multiple ‘style presets’ that you can choose from in the customiser, allowing for a variety of feels and styles.

Some of the layouts can have slight issues, like nested columns but overall it’s a great simple theme.

The WordPress Adelaide website (this one!) is currently using a child theme based on GO!

CoBlocks Website:

Go Theme Homepage:

Technical Resources

Some slightly more technical resources for troubleshooting problems

WordPress Stack Exchange – Stack Overflow for WordPress

WordPress Support & Documentation Hub

WordPress Developers Documentation Hub

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